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Pre-owned Jewellery

Pre-owned jewellery is highly sought after and yet we keep our old jewellery locked up in dusty boxes in the deepest, darkest reaches of our cupboards. If this sounds familiar then why not trade in your pre-owned jewellery for its monetary value at Gold & Diamond Solutions?

As traders of gold, silver and diamonds, we buy any form of jewellery from the public. No matter what the condition we will take the jewellery off your hands in return for cash. Whether it’s old, broken or unwanted, we will buy it from you at a very competitive price. Bring all your unwanted old jewellery to us and walk away smiling with cash in hand. We operate of a strict code of ethics and ensure the utmost professionalism on all of our trades. Rest assured that when you sell to us you are guaranteed your money’s worth.

We have been in the business of trading precious metals for a long time, and as a result we understand the importance of trust in this business. That’s why we strive day in and day out to earn the trust of those who wish to trade their pre-owned jewellery. When we buy gold, diamonds, silver, platinum and palladium we always ensure that you get your money’s worth for the items which you have traded in. Our scales are calibrated on a daily basis and your jewellery will be weighed in front of you. We are completely transparent in all of our professional transactions and conduct ourselves by the strict code of ethics which has become a precedent for our company. There are no additional transaction costs or hidden fees, meaning that you walk away with the cash value of your pre-owned jewellery on that particular day.

If you no longer want your old jewellery, or perhaps it is jewellery which has been passed down to you and you will never wear, bring it in to us and receive healthy compensation. Get that little bit of extra cash in your pocket when you come down to us for a trade-in of your old, unwanted jewellery. If you are still unsure then contact us or come and pay us a visit. Meet our dedicated, expert staff and discover why we are a tried and trusted trading company.

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