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Jewellery Manufacturing

If you are looking for something in particular but you can’t seem to find it then make use of our jewellery manufacturing services. We are experienced jewellery manufacturers with many years of designing and manufacturing unique items to personal specifications under our belts. Why spend months looking for the perfect piece of jewellery when we can make it for you?

Our jewellery manufacturers follow the traditional 6 step process when manufacturing jewellery. These are designing, moulding, casting, polishing, finishing and plating. We will often manufacture jewellery out of gold because of its non-corrosive and durable properties. However, platinum is also a popular choice amongst our customers who commission us to manufacture their jewellery. The choice is ultimately yours as it depends on your design and vision for the piece.

Our jewellery manufacturing services have been utilised grooms to create the perfect engagement ring for their bride-to-be. We have all the raw materials necessary for manufacturing items of jewellery such as engagement rings, all we are waiting for is your design. Manufacturing jewellery is charged as two separate costs. The first is for the raw materials needed to create the piece of jewellery. The choice of materials which will be used, such as gold, platinum, silver and diamonds, is up to you and obviously the price will depend on the materials you choose. The second is the cost to manufacture the item.

If you have a design which you would like us to consider for a quote then please visit us. Alternatively, if you have any questions or require further information on our jewellery manufacturing, please contact us.

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